eBuddy – Multi Network Mobile Messenger

eBuddy – Multi Network Mobile Messenger – 3.6 MB

The eBuddy Mobile Messenger is the best multi-network Instant Messaging application that is especially designed to intuitively chat with your buddies.

Download this New and Improved version to your phone to get the best chat experience on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and Google Talk, all in one single buddylist.With the eBuddy Mobile Messenger you can chat with your friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Google Talk.

Filter through your contacts easily with the new QuickSearch feature. Then chat longer because we have improved connection handling and minimized data usage.File Contents :

1. eBuddy_alcatel_128x128.jar
2. eBuddy_lg_176x220.jar
3. eBuddy_lg_240x320.jar
4. eBuddy_motorola_128x160.jar
5. eBuddy_motorola_176x220.jar
6. eBuddy_motorola_240x320.jar
7. eBuddy_motorola_128x128.jar
8. eBuddy_nokia_series60v2-176×208.jar
9. eBuddy_nokia_series60v3-240×320.jar
10. eBuddy_nokia_series40v2-128×128.jar
11. eBuddy_nokia_series40v2-208×208.jar
12. eBuddy_nokia_series40v3-240×320.jar
13. eBuddy_nokia_series40-128×160.jar
14. eBuddy_nokia_series40v2-128×160.jar
15. eBuddy_nokia_series80-640×200.jar
16. eBuddy_orange_m1000.jar
17. eBuddy_sagem_128x160.jar
18. eBuddy_samsung_176x192.jar
19. eBuddy_samsung_240x320.jar
20. eBuddy_samsung_176x220.jar
21. eBuddy_samsung_128x160.jar
22. eBuddy_samsung_sgh-x430.jar
23. eBuddy_se_128x128.jar
24. eBuddy_se_176x220.jar
25. eBuddy_se_240x320.jar
26. eBuddy_se_128x160.jar
27. eBuddy_siemens_130x130.jar
28. eBuddy_siemens_132x176.jar
29. eBuddy_siemens60ui_176x208.jarlinkhttp://rapidshare.com/files/139427883/eBuddy_Multi_network_Mobile_Messenger.rar


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    ebuddy is the cool im

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